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Epsom Derby NAP of The Day

Wednesday’s NAP: Kayfast Warrior

The Epsom Derby Festival, which presents The Epsom Derby Stakes Flat Race, is amongst the best meetings to wager on during the entire flat race calendar.

The Epsom Derby Festival is high-octane, thrilling and intense, and with so much on the line, it’s rarely just the favourite that comes out on top. Prices are generous, and if you know how to pick out the best from the rest, the occasion can be exquisitely lucrative.

So, if you’re thinking about placing some bets on The Epsom Derby Festival, or in fact any other race day or meeting that takes place during Epsom Downs’ racing season, check back regularly for our expertly calculated NAP’s for the best chance of making a small fortune on the races.

What is a NAP?

While the origin of the name is uncertain, although most likely derived from the best possible hand in the French game “Napoleon”, a NAP is what we consider to be the most likely horse to win on any given race day.

While we’ll always have our own race favourites for individual races, we’ll also always let you know which of those favourites genuinely has the best chance of winning their respective race.

If you want the absolute best chance of making money on a raceday but aren’t 100% sure on the selections you’ve made in your bet slip, trust our NAP instead, which has been calculated by our very own team of intelligent, professional and knowledgeable tipsters who have direct links to The Jockey Club themselves.

What is an NB?

If you find you don’t agree with our official NAP for a given race or you want to take a bit more of a risk, our “NB” is our “Next Best” selection for their respective race after the NAP itself.

You can use this valuable information as you please, so whether you’d prefer to stick to the NAP alone, opt for the NB instead, or select both in a Doubles bet, you can make some serious cash on the races with a little faith in this knowledge.

How we choose our NAPs and NBs

Our dedication to the sport is key to our immense level of knowledge and success when it comes to both horse racing and betting.

We follow the same process with our NAPs as we do when we’re simply conducting our usual horse racing tipping process, but simply add an extra stage to decipher between the selection of individual race favourites in order to determine who the favourite of the favourites.

All variables are considered including form, weight, win ratio, weather and track conditions, choice of jockey, length of the race, type of race and much more.

Where to place a bet on our NAPs

Any betting site that has horseracing markets can be used to place bets on our NAPs and NBs, however, we recommend combining this valuable information with an offer or promotion to fully maximise profit potential.

Right on this very page you’ll see a range of promo codes and sign up offers next to the betting sites that we feature with the best odds on our selections. Choose whichever ones have the best odds and biggest free bets that you do not already have an account with.

Promo Codes

Whether it’s The Derby, any other race during The Epsom Derby Festival, or any other meeting hosted by Epsom Downs Racecourse, we’ll always make sure you’re kept topped up with the best and latest Promo Codes for sign-up offers at any and all of the online betting sites and bookmakers that continue to sprout up all over the web.

Promo Codes can be used during the sign-up and/or deposit process on a site you do not yet have an account with to qualify for valuable, lucrative offers and promotions.

These promotions can include many different bonuses such as free bets, paid extra places, boosted odds on race favourites and NAP’s, and even cashback on spendings and losses over set periods of time with that particular betting site.

Free Bets

Free bets gained from sign-up offers are some of the most valuable offers you can find online. They’re used as a tool by betting sites to entice new customers, however, there’s nothing to lose as long as you just use your free bet then head to the next site with a new offer. 

Usually, these free bet sign-up offers will be rewarded simply for creating an account and making your first deposit with a new bookmaker. So, simply follow the registration process, adhere to all of the promotional terms and conditions, then place your free bet on one or more of our NAP’s and NB’s for a great chance of profiting from the action during meetings like The Epsom Derby Festival.


Due to the high likelihood of our NAP’s being successful in their races, prices on these runners are never particularly high. Wagering on a NAP is often conducted with higher stakes in order to increase the risk/reward factor of this style of gambling.

Again, you can use our free tips as you please, but to truly capitalise on the information we provide we recommend either betting big on a singular NAP or Next Best, or betting your usual stake amounts on a multiple that contains several of these likely competitors.

The favourites for each of the races during The Epsom Derby Festival at the rearranged edition last time out were as follows:

Woodcote EBF Stakes - Twaasol & Modern News - 9/4 - 1st and 2nd respectively

Surrey Stakes - Safe Voyage - 6/5 - 1st place finish

Class 2 Handicap - Ironclad - 3/1 - 10th place finish

The Oaks - Love - 11/10 - 1st place finish

Princess Elizabeth Stakes - Fooraat - 5/4 - 5th place finish

The Derby - Kameko - 5/2 - 4th place finish

Class 3 Handicap - Muntadab - 7/2 - 1st place finish